Sat 5 Mar 2022 Alec Wali

How Do You SXM?


SXM Festival is an event founded upon integrating and celebrating the cultural ways we connect  through food, scenic landscapes, and a prime selection of our favorite house and techno music. 

It’s through these connections that SXM Festival is able to provide not only an escape, but an immersion into the blend of cultures that make up the festival’s home of Saint Martin | Sint Marteen. It’s this immersive energy that draws in attendees from all over the world every year. Perhaps the most alluring part of the event is that each person embarks on their journey in their own way. That means we all experience our own personal version of SXM, the island, and SXM, the festival, and the communities that make up both. 

To get a better feel for how others SXM, we talked to seasoned attendee Nina Vargas about her favorite ways to experience the festival. 


As a Cultural Explorer

Separated into a French side and a Dutch side, the friendly island has a compelling story for those who are interested, including historical ties to Christopher Columbus. “SXM Festival, for me, is a must on my travel list as a destination favorite,” says Nina Vargas. “No matter what your plans are, the island just steals your heart. Aside from offering great weather and perhaps the friendliest people you'll ever meet, I'm moved by the enrichment offering of dual heritage. It makes for a getaway with a cultural investment.”


With over one hundred nationalities living harmoniously on the island, inclusivity is a common thread in the culture. From the nightlife, to the food, to the decor, the options are endless. You can eat fresh seafood prepared by the finest chefs in the Caribbean or see the vibrant selection of night clubs and casinos that have frequently spurred comparisons between this place and Las Vegas. In the water, the surfing is unparalleled in some parts of the island and if you’re a diver or sea life lover you’ll definitely want to check out the coral reefs!


As a Party Animal

With more than 20 bars within 20 minutes of each other by cab and more than 50 spots to grab a drink on the island, Saint Martin is a paradise for the party animal. Day or night, rain or shine, SXM Festival packs perfection for the most discerning party palate too. The aforementioned nightclubs and casinos are a pleasure point for travelling tourists, and with more than 5 satellite parties to enjoy before, during, and after the festival there’s really no shortage of chances to unleash your wild side. 

From Boat Parties, to Exclusive Villa events, and so much more, a fancy drink is always just a few footsteps away. Perhaps more importantly, anyone from rug-cutting veterans and amatuer rump shakers are all sure to find heaven side by side on a dance floor here. Plus, with a steady flow of the worlds finest house and techno music the fun to be had is more than flavorful. 

“Then there's the nightlife.” Vargas Added. “From casinos, to local entertainment, and of course SXM Festival, there is always something memorable to partake in [on the island]; and that I can cheers to, especially with their Guavaberry rum.” 


As a Traveling Festie

If you’ve already been to your fair share of festivals, you’re probably wondering, “how does this one stack up against the rest?” Like SXSW, ADE and other world class boutique events, this is a full blown city-wide event - only SXM Festival spans the entirety of an island. It’s also an intimate boutique event, where making real human connections comes easy. Nina has perhaps been attending them for years. In our talk, she was quick to place SXM Festival in a league of its own. 

“It’s truly unique,” She told us. “I’ve worked and attended different festivals all over the world and in various terrains and music genres. Aside from having a group of truly down to earth individuals behind it, the dedication, passion, and true investment of heart has been unlike anyone else I've seen in the same spectrum. And, I know that's bold to say.” 

Vargas was specifically moved by the driven social responsibility behind the festival and how integrated it is to the island itself. A lot of events try to make local efforts, but few really show up as earnestly or as often as SXM Festival does for the people who live there year round. 

“It truly brings value beyond the music.” Vargas told us. “Personally, I am not super well connected to the music genre of this particular festival. And, I'm always the first to admit to it, but I’m left in awe from the beauty, the people, and the value this festival represents.”

No Wrong Way

In a world already crowded with so many guy-on-a-stage music events, SXM Festival has the distinction of being so much more than a party when it comes to the positive impact it makes for locals and the environment. Add to that all the ways you can make the experience your own and ultimately, there’s really no wrong way to SXM. 

Vargas agreed too. Even saying, “It's to the point that if offered to see my favorite artist with VIP access, or attend another SXM Festival, it would always be SXM Festival.”

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