The Return of SXM Festival

The timeless magic of the dance floor calls.
Is the world ready to dance in Caribbean paradise? We hope so, but we need to be sure!
We are over-preparing and double checking before launching tickets for the 5th edition.
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5-Days & 5-Nights Of House & Techno Bliss On The Magical Island Of St. Martin In The Caribbean.

2020 Aftermovie

"One of the best experiences at a multi-day festival. Organized, comfortable, helpful, and the event app really helped keep me in tune with everything that was happening and where it was."

KP London
SXM attendee
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In The Media

"Every year scores of destination ravers and affluent spring breakers descend upon the pristine beaches of St. Martin to take part in one of the world's most beautiful festivals. Featuring lavish villa parties, midday yacht cruises, and all-night beachside DJ sets, SXM Festival has built itself up in just a few short years as a Caribbean Ibiza."
"In the world of large-scale events, the SXM Festival has established itself as a proven thought leader in eco-consciousness, education, and awareness.  The experience of founders Julian Prince and Driss Skali after the hurricane of 2017 has been widely reported, providing personal insight on their resilience and dedication. The Advance recently caught up with Julian for a more in-depth look inside the festival’s founding ethics, its commitment to both the local and global community, its unique partnerships, and the undeniable power of art and music."
The Advance
"St-Martin or St Maarten (depending which side of the island you are on) is widely known for incredible beaches, sweeping ocean views, gorgeous sunsets and some of the friendliest people around. The island is widely visited by tourists from around the world making it one of the most visited places in the Caribbean."
EDM Maniac
“As other festivals around the globe begin to tire and all become too commercial, with the Caribbean as its backdrop, SXM has the advantage”
BBC Travel

“...why not sign up for a music festival that promises not only to be a great party, but also to provide a trip of a lifetime. At that, SXM Festival is leading the charge.”
Consequence of Sound