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Terms & Conditions

SXM Festival is an 18+ event only.

Please bring valid, government approved ID when exchanging your barcode for your wristband. For questions on the admission process please see the admission section of the SXM Festival APP.

SXM officially begins on Wednesday March 9th, 2022 at 7 PM. There will be a pre-party on March 8th.

All ticket holders are welcome to arrive as early as they wish in order to check into your accommodations, familiarise yourself with the island, and spend the first days exploring. We’ve added some experiences and activities to attend previously to the start of the festival.

In addition to our ticketing and accommodation options selling out each year for the past two years, buying a ticket now will always give you the best possible prices and the best selection of options to make your experience everything that you want it to be.

The new SXM Festival Plans system will allow you to spread your payments out over the course of a 4-month period. You'll pay a deposit when you first check-out that is equal to 1/4th of your total cart balance.

Your account will then automatically be charged at the same time of the month over the next 6 months without any further action required.

If a payment attempt fails for whatever reason (e.g. card has expired, is no longer valid, insufficient funds or card is declined by the bank), then we will:

Give you notice of the failed payment attempt advising you that we will try to take payment again in 7 days, giving you the opportunity to correct the situation;

If the payment attempt fails again, we will send you a second failed payment notice and again wait to charge you for another 7 days;

If the payment attempt fails for a third time, we may at our discretion cancel the booking by giving you written notice.

Please note, upon cancellation of the booking due to your failure to keep up with the Payment Plan, your order will be cancelled, and you will lose your deposit as well as any previous instalments that you have paid.

Yes, you should receive a confirmation email from SXM FESTIVAL ticketing partner Easol to confirm your order after purchase. If you did not receive an email, log into your account at easol.com to verify that the correct email address is associated with your account. If you are still having issues, please reach out to info@sxmfestival.com and their support team will help you verify your purchase.

It is mandatory that you provide your barcode and piece of identification. Please make sure that your Barcode is downloaded to your phone in the event of limited cellular connectivity. The box office will accept a State issued Driver's license, a government issued Non-Driver ID Card, Military ID, or Passport. Please make sure to have one of these forms of ID with you!

Please note that access to SXM Festival events will be with your SXM wristband ONLY.

You will exchange your paper ticket or have your mobile ticket scanned in exchange for your SXM Festival wristband.

Your photo ID name must match the attendee name on your ticket. If you have a ticket that is not in your name, please contact us at info@sxmfestival.com and we will give you instructions on how to transfer the ticket name. Please note we do not transfer funds (that is up to the attendee). We transfer the attendee name only.

SXM Festival staff will secure all wristbands on all attendees. Attendees will not be given loose wristbands.

If you have purchased a VIP upgrade, please note that in order to receive your VIP wristband you must present both the 5 DAY GA proof of purchase and the VIP UPGRADE proof of purchase. Please ensure that the proof of purchase is in the same name.

I only have the option to buy a 5 day ticket. Will 3 day tickets be put on-sale later in the year? The short answer is: we're not sure. It is difficult to forecast how significant of a role social distancing will need to play in our 2022 event, but we are currently operating under the assumption that we will need to plan for a lower capacity than we have had in previous years.

We are excited to welcome you back in 2022 to experience SXM Festival in its full long splendour.

SXM Festival has almost sold out the past two years in a row. Given that we are currently considering admitting a lower capacity based on new safety protocols this year, it is extremely likely that SXM tickets will sell out in advance of the event. We recommend you make plans soon!

Can I upgrade my pass to VIP? Yes, if there is still availability at the time of the upgrade.

Do I Need A Visa To Visit Saint Martin? A VISA to enter Saint Martin is not required for most countries, including Europe and North America. Please double check online regarding your country of citizenship before traveling.

What happens to my tickets if SXM Festival 2022 is cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19? After consulting several different expert-driven modelling scenarios with our internal safety team, we are optimistic and confident that SXM Festival 2022 will happen as intended.

However, we understand that nobody can predict the future and provide this information to help you be sure that you will always get the value of any purchases you make with SXM Festival. 

In the event that SXM Festival 2022 is cancelled or postponed, you have three primary options for your tickets and accommodations:

1. Your tickets will automatically be transferred to the new festival date.

2. You can choose to move your tickets to any of the following three years: 2023, 2024, or 2025. 

3. You can resell your ticket through the official SXM Festival ticketing resale platform, that will be going live in 2021.

In accordance with our official ticketing Terms and Conditions, we are not able to offer ticket refunds for any reason. 

To build SXM into the thriving ecosystem that is laid before you when you arrive to the event, it requires the efforts of hundreds of people- many of which work year round and arrive to site as far as 6 months in advance of the festival date to start build. This means that a vast majority of our expenses are incurred far before the festival takes place. If we were to offer refunds, it could easily lead to an existential challenge that our company would not be able to overcome. 

Each ticket has an individually generated barcode which we will scan in order to redeem your paper ticket or mobile barcode for your wristband. If you choose to transfer your ticket or if a ticket is being transferred to you, please have a copy of the paper ticket or mobile barcode to exchange for your entrance wristband. 

Unfortunately, ticket fraud is a common occurrence and predatory scammers are getting savvier to separate you from your hard-earned funds. The best way to ensure that your tickets are legitimate is to purchase them directly from the SXM Festival website through our ticketing partner Easol, or through our ticketing resale platform when it launches in 2021. SXM Festival does not sell tickets on any other platform and we cannot honour fraudulent tickets nor provide you with a refund in the event that you are scammed. Always use your best judgment and deal directly with SXM Festival sales channel for any of your event purchases.

Please note that ticket purchasers will not receive a pdf ticket with scannable barcode until the month of the event. If someone is trying to sell you a pdf ticket prior to then, it is fraudulent. 

We provide two different options for those arriving by car, Single-Entry Parking or In/Out Parking. Your vehicle pass must be placed inside your vehicle on the windshield in the designated spot for the duration of your time on site.

The parking area will be a short walking distance from the venue. Please prepare for this when deciding how much stuff to bring with you to the festival.

SXM Festival is not responsible for belongings left inside your vehicle, and we highly encourage you to leave valuables at home.