Mon 6 Jun 2022 Yulita Zavada

5 Amazing Beaches in Saint Martin


Saint Martin | Sint Maarten is the island of two names, two distinct cultures, and 37 beaches. You heard that right. Not only is it split into two territories - French and Dutch- but it’s abundant in private beaches, just waiting to be discovered by you. To give you a taste of the action ahead, we’ve gathered a list of the 5 most amazing beaches. Let’s dive in.


Starting on the Northern part of the island, find your perfect escape at Petite Plage, also known as Lover’s Beach. Cozy enough that it doesn’t take many guests to feel crowded, this one is a little slice of heaven. Though it’s a small beach space, it has plenty to offer. With its pristine white sand meeting skyblue water, get ready to fall in love with Saint Martin like never before. Because of its remote location, you may want to brace yourself for an adventurers thrill because nothing can prepare you for one of the most amazing island escapes the Carribean has to offer. 


This next beach is not as discreet as the rest as it is home to the two main stages of the SXM Festival. You may have heard of it: Happy Bay. This amazing cove stretches over 1,000 feet of secluded beachfront, ready to welcome one and all. Though central to the festival, it’s still far from the inner workings of the island. Easily accessible from Friar’s Bay, take the 10 minute walk to this magnificent ocean front paradise. Along the way, you may find iguanas, art, and more local magic to guide you through. Get ready to get your groove on, because we’ll be right alongside living our best lives at Happy Bay. 

Learn more about the local lore attached to this magical place in our recent blog post, The Mysteriously Fun History of Happy Bay.


Baie Rouge, or Red Bay is our next stop. Named after its pink sand beach, known for its intimate setting and calm waters. Close enough to another SXM Festival sunrise party venue, and set at the edge of Oiseaux, or Bird’s Cliffs. Though it requires a walk over, as it has no designated parking, the adventure is well worth it- keep your eyes peeled for more local wildlife and enjoy the luscious greenery. Indulge in the clear water shores and swim through to the stunning natural arch, known as Devil’s Hole. Here you’ll discover a cove close enough to the party, but intimate all the same. 

It’s not as menacing as its name may lead you to believe. We promise.


Moving down the western coast, we find ourselves at Baie aux Prunes, or Plum Bay. Baie aux Prunes is a secluded oasis turned into a partygoer’s refuge to do what you please. Continuing along the Birds cliffs, you are in a world of your own. Located on the French side of the island, you may encounter folks going nude, embracing all of the freedom that this island has to offer.


Our last stop brings us to the turquoise waters of Indigo Bay. Formerly known as Cay Bay, the panoramic views and gorgeous stone pathways make this beach perfect for romantic strolls, wine tasting, or fine cuisine by the waters edge. Both eco forward and extra comfy, this little cove is also home to the Indigo Beach Cafe. Enjoy a cocktail from a local vendor offering snacks, chairs and umbrellas or just lay out on the sand and soak in the sun. Tucked away between the routine bustle of Simpson Bay and Philipsburg, this beach is a true Caribbean treasure. 

Stick around for a breathtaking sunset. Then, head out for round 2 under the stars.

Learn more about beaches on Saint Martin | Sint Maarten at The Office of Tourism website

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