Terres Basses, Saint Martin (French part)

Villa Giselle - 2024

Includes a stay at a private 5-bedroom villa (5 King Size ). Up to 10 people.  Booking for March 11-18, 2024

Villa Giselle - 2024

Saint Martin (French part) March 11 - 18 2024 7 nights

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Villa Giselle is a stunning 5-bedroom villa located within walking distance of Plum Bay beach. This fabulous property offers 5 ensuite bathrooms, ensuring privacy and convenience for each guest. On the main level, you'll find four equal bedrooms and bathrooms, all with a view of the ocean. These spacious and well-appointed rooms provide a comfortable retreat after a day of exploring the island. Additionally, the fifth bedroom with its ensuite bathroom is situated on the lower level, offering a view of the Caribbean Sea. This bedroom also includes a convenient kitchenette. The villa features spacious living areas that are perfect for socializing and relaxing. The highlight is the heated infinity pool, which provides a tranquil oasis for guests to enjoy throughout their stay.