How Is The Weather/How Should I Pack?

March is one of the sunniest months of the year with average temps of 30 degrees celcius! At night it can get a little chilly though, especially if you’ve been out in the sun all day:) Be sure to bring a sweater out with you in the evening. Keep in mind that there is always a chance of rain so pack a poncho!

Is Saint Martin Safe?

The car number plates say it: “The Friendly Island”. Saint Martin is a small island with a low crime rate and a friendly, happy population. There are French and Dutch police on each respective side of the island. They are uncorrupted and French / Dutch laws apply. That said, like anywhere in the world, it is wise to take sensible precautions like: not flashing money or jewelry around, not leaving valuables in cars, not going to secluded places at night or trespassing on private property, not being rude or disrespectful to the locals. Just the regular rules you would follow on any vacation or in any big city. Be sensible and you’ll have an amazing time on this Friendly Island.

What’s The Minimum Age To Attend The Festival?

SXMFestival is an 18+ event only. Please bring valid, government approved ID when exchanging your barcode for your wristband. For questions on the admission process please see the admissions section of the app.

Can I Drink The Tap Water?

Tap water is NOT safe for drinking.

Will I Be Able To Use My Phone And Go Online?

Broadband and wifi are available in many places around the island, especially hotels and marinas. It can be a little unreliable at times but generally functional. There is cell phone coverage across most of the island and 3G but again the 3G can be patchy at times. Most north American cell phones work in Saint Martin. International dialing codes are +590 for Saint Martin and +1-721 for Sint Maarten.

What Is The Power Supply?

French side : 220V / 60Hz. European outlets Dutch side : 110V / 60 Hz. American outlets.

Do I Need A Visa To Visit Saint Martin?

You do not require a VISA to enter Saint Martin from most countries, including Europe and North America. Please double check online regarding your country of citizenship before traveling, but generally a valid passport will be enough to allow you entry.

Do I Need Vaccinations Before I Travel?

No, you do not need to get any vaccinations before visiting the island.

Are There Mosquitos?

In the dry season – when SXM Festival happens – there are fewer insects and mosquitos. We still advise attendees to use insect repellent, mosquito nets, citronella candles and long clothes at night to minimize the risk of being bitten. Saint Martin has the lowest amount of recorded Zika cases in the Caribbean. But we still advise all travelers to take adequate precautions, especially pregnant women, who not wish to attend the festival.

Who Can I Contact If I Have Questions?

There will be an information booth setup near the market at Happy Bay. Note that this location may not be open at all times. If you have a question about the festival that cannot already be found on our app or website please email us at

Lost And Found

Details will be announced prior to the event.

Charging Stations

Details will be announced prior to the event.

What Is The Official Currency?

The French side officially uses the EURO and Dutch the Netherlands Antillean Florin. The US dollar can be spent on either sides of the island and the EURO is widely accepted on both also. Credit cards are accepted at most major outlets but it is always best to check before sitting down for dinner. The island is frequented by tourists and all merchants are well versed in calculating the exchange. All SXM Festival charging stations accept both USD and Euro currencies at the current daily exchange rate. For details on how the wristbands work please see the admissions section of our FAQ.


What If I Get Sick?

Emergency healthcare is free in Saint Martin so if you present yourself at a medical station you will be treated. But we still highly recommend that you acquire adequate travel insurance. There will be medical teams at each event to treat anyone who may fall ill.

Who Should I Call In An Emergency?

Saint Martin (French side)
Louis Constant Fleming Hospital: 0590 52 25 52
S.A.M.U. (medical emergencies): 15
Police: 17
Fire: 18  

Sint Maarten (Dutch side)

General emergency: 911
Doctors on call: (1-721) 5111
Hospital: 543 1111
Ambulance: 912 or 542 2111 or 520 6262
Fire: 120 or 542 6001
Police: 111 or 542 2112
Water police: 542 2277


Will Call / Box Office

It is mandatory that you provide your barcode and piece of identification. Please make sure that your Barcode is downloaded to your phone in the event of limited cellular connectivity. The box office will accept a State issued Driver's license, a government issued Non-Driver ID Card, Military ID, or Passport. Please make sure to have one of these forms of ID with you!

What Are The Wristband Pick Up Rules?

Please note that access to SXM Festival events will be with your SXM wristband ONLY.

You will exchange your paper ticket or have your mobile ticket scanned in exchange for your SXM Festival wristband.

Your photo ID name must match the attendee name on your ticket.

If you have a ticket that is not in your name, please contact us at and we will give you instructions on how to transfer the ticket name. Please note we do not transfer funds (that is up to the attendee). We transfer the attendee name only.

SXM Festival staff will secure all wristbands on all attendees. Attendees will not be given loose wristbands.

Transportation passes will also be available for pick up at will call.

If you have purchased a VIP upgrade, please note that in order to receive your VIP wristband you must present both the 5 DAY GA proof of purchase and the VIP UPGRADE proof of purchase. Please ensure that both proof of purchases are in the same name.

What If I Lose My Wristband Or It’s Been Stolen?

Present yourself at the festival Box office (Happy Bay) to see a representative. Replacements are subject to verification of the wristband order. Please make sure to bring your government issued photo ID for verification that you are the original purchaser. If you are not the original purchaser please be sure to have a note from the original purchaser stating you have permission to use their ticket, a copy of their government issued photo ID, and a copy of the original confirmation email. Replacement wristbands are subject to a $25 replacement fee.The event is NOT responsible for lost or damaged wristbands.

Will I Be Searched?

Appropriate, discreet searches may be undertaken to ensure guests’ safety and enjoyment.

Where I Do I Buy A Ticket?

Tickets for 5 day, single day pass and specialty parties available at Tickets may also be purchased at the door.

What Types Of Tickets Are On Sale?

5-Day VIP and GA, GA Weekend Passes, Transportation packages, GA Day passes, Boat and Jungle Party tickets

Is My Ticket Transferrable?

Each ticket has an individually generated barcode which we will scan in order to redeem your paper ticket or mobile barcode for your wristband. If you choose to transfer your ticket or if a ticket is being transferred to you, please have a copy of the paper ticket or mobile barcode to exchange for your entrance wristband. Note : Caribbean tickets cannot be transferred.

What If An Artist Cancels Their Performance?

All Festival performers, including headliners, are subject to change or cancellation at any time without notice. No refunds will be issued if a festival performer is changed or canceled.

What Is The Refund Policy?

In line with festival policy, tickets are non refundable however they are transferrable. Promo code tickets are not transferable.


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