Offest Your Emissions

Support climate action and offset the carbon emissions from your travel through our Peace Boat & Climate Futures Collaboration. Choose the project you want to support, calculate your emissions and offset.

Since 2019, SXM Festival and Peace Boat US have collaborated to promote sustainability in Saint Martin to have a positive impact on the environment. Each of us can make a difference by helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

Help Capture C02 and Turn It To Stone

Join the movement to unlock a negative emissions future! Help us capture CO2 and put it in its place for good.  SXM Festival is committed to a net-zero carbon strategy that is measurable and permanent. Don't just offset your emissions, let's capture CO2 from the atmosphere and turn it back into stone. This pioneer mission by Climeworks is located in Iceland and is like no other. Our long-term goal is to help Climeworks scale up their facilities so that within the next 5 years capturing carbon and turning it into stone is as affordable as any offset projects out there. 

Join us on this mission and maintain your subscription to get super early bird access to any SXM Festival event any time as of April 2020.
$1=1KG of Carbon Removed
One-time $25 donation

Donate your Weight (or as much as you like) when you load your wristband for Cashless at the charging station on site at SXM Festival. These funds will contribute to the our pioneer mission in capturing 1kg of carbon for every $1. Certificates will be provided by email.

Volunteer in Sint Maarten With SXM Doet

Be part of the biggest volunteer initiative in Sint Maarten and the Dutch Kingdom. March 15 & 16, 2019 the community gathers to help rebuild institutions that already do so much for the community at large.
Experience a different side of SXM Festival. Take a break from the party, meet the locals and other travelers while rebuilding the island. There are over 100 projects for you to choose from!  There’s a project for everyone; from rebuilding a playground or sports center to organizing a dance luncheon for the elderly, giving a recreational room a new coat of paint and more. Participate in as many projects as you like – for just a few hours or for the whole day.

Choose a project and register to volunteer for March 13-14 here:

SXM Beach Clean Up

ByeByePlastic, Blond:ist + Summerdaze
We're joining forces with some eco-warriors to clean Sandy Ground Beach! Join Blond:ish, ByeByePlastic, Summerdaze on Wednesday, March 11 from 1-3pm. Meet at Bohô Beach SXM at 12:30pm. The shuttle bus will bring you straight there. Bring your friends and a water bottle. We hope to see you there.


Gear Up

SXM Festival has partnered with Ungalli Clothing Co. to bring you the best and most sustainable Tee shirts! Made ethically in Canada from recycled & organic materials.

Produced in Canadian facilities where workers are safe, respected, and paid fair wages. High quality design that is made to last.


There is a lot we are doing on-site and online so guests can interact and participate in our mission for a sustainable festival as well experience the magic this island has to offer. 

On site we’ll have activations like an oyster shucking booth where guests will learn about the importance of ocean sustainability, a VR experience produced with the natural reserve of St Martin to take attendees into the deep ocean and witness the effects of warmer oceans.and the degradation of coral reefs. We have also have a booth to teach composting and other positive green initiatives. 

Locally, we have partnered up with SXM Doet, the biggest volunteer event on the island taking place the same weekend as the festival. Guests have the chance to volunteer at over 100 projects making the island a better place. We have also partnered with  Les Connections, a non-profit that makes sure our waste management is properly done. We are working towards purchasing a massive composter in time for the next edition, which we will donate to a local neighbourhood, and continue doing so each year for new neighbourhoods around the island.

We have launched a long-term effort to reduce our emissions and partnered with experts to help us on a net-zero carbon strategy path. We are grateful for our new partnership with Bye Bye Plastic, Blond:ish’s initiative to reduce single use plastic, their guidance and the Beach Clean Up event they will be hosting during the festival with Summerdaze. We have partnered with Climeworks Carbon Capture, and call on everyone to join the pioneer mission of capturing CO2 from the air and turning it into stone — you can subscribe online to contribute or 'donate your weight’ on-site - for every 1$ contribution 1kg of CO2 will be captured.

We also encourage all attendees to offset their transportation emissions with our Peace Boat US! & Climate Futures partnership, wherein you choose a project you want to support, calculate your emissions and offset right away.

We have a special partnership with Tree Of Life, a non-profit that plants trees worldwide that our dear friend and talented artist Francesca Lombardo is involved in.

And of course, we wanted to make sure our merch is sustainable and in-line with our values. This is why we are sourcing our t-shirts from Ungalli Clothing Co. These are t-shirts made ethically in Canada from recycled and organic materials, produced in Canadian facilities where workers are safe, respected, and paid fair wages.


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"Since starting Parties4Peace in 2002, we have worked with hundreds of artists and promoters towards creating a culture of peace and sustainability through music and art. The SXM Festival has been a true inspiration to our community as they work to support the local community in Saint Martin, educate youth through our programs with Peace Boat US, reforest the land affected by natural disasters and use reclaimed wood and recycled materials in their build-up of the festival. If we can all come together as one music community, we are sure to make a positive difference in the world through our work. This year as we embark on a new journey to help festival-goers carbon offset their travel with our partners at Climate Futures, we can help shape the landscape for the next generation to not only aspire to be carbon neutral, but also be proactive in their efforts to create a more sustainable future. Every little bit can help make a difference for our planet."
Emilie McGlone, Director of Peace Boat US |  Founder of Parties4Peace
"In the world of large-scale events, the SXM Festival has established itself as a proven thought leader in eco-consciousness, education, and awareness.  The experience of founders Julian Prince and Driss Skali after the hurricane of 2017 has been widely reported, providing personal insight on their resilience and dedication. The Advance recently caught up with Julian for a more in-depth look inside the festival’s founding ethics, its commitment to both the local and global community, its unique partnerships, and the undeniable power of art and music."
The Advance
“It’s been our intention to give back from the start because it is in our DNA to do so. Never underestimate the power of the community. It’s never just a festival in our opinion, and ironically the most interesting thing about a festival is what gravitates around it. Our organization Two Bunch Palms was founded after year one, not after Irma like everyone thinks. We will always use the foundation as a non-profit that mediates between the community and the attendees. We will keep on using the foundation to finance actions that translate our intention to give back.”
Julian Prince l SXM Festival Founder