The SXM Team is committed to delivering an exceptional getaway festival experience with safety as a top priority. We can’t wait to see you all again too! But, we want to be certain it will be safe to be together first.

That’s why we take every precaution to ensure you have an experience that’s easygoing, healthy, and 100% worry-free. In addition to trained personnel, certified medical personnel, and an array of measures behind the scenes to maintain safety for guests, staff, locals, and anyone else along the way. To achieve this, we’ve outlined our policies and recommendations for your perusal below. 

It is the responsibility of each and every person who takes part in SXM Festival to be familiar with the policies set forth below, as well as the laws of the land. Guests should adhere to both during the entirety of their stay on the island, without exceptions. 
Please Note: Festival policies are subject to change. 


Temperature checks by security/staff.
Masks are mandatory.
Always drink responsibly. 
Don’t crowd the dance floor. 
Sanitizing stations are not optional.
Hands should be washed often. 
No hands on faces.


Drink water. 
Take vitamins.
Love lavishly.
Party stylishly.
Consider Travel Insurance.
Sleep when you need to.
No Handshakes. Namaste safe with air-fives, come hither looks, beaming smiles.
Kissing is out. Winks are in.
Don’t shout. Dance it out!
*In addition to the above, by attending, guests agree to our photo, consent, and sexual misconduct policies, which adhere to strict zero-tolerance requirements.

Also, for the safety of all our families and friends on the island, travellers who aren’t feeling well or who have been in contact with a person who has tested positive or is suspected to carry COVID are advised to stay home and not travel to Saint Martin until such a time that they can furnish a negative test result to customs on the island.