Amine K

Artist Profile

In the north of Mother Africa, desert rhythm meets metropolis roar, and Amine K is Morocco’s ambassador to the music.

From the north of Africa comes a loud whisper. Rolling like an echo, a rumor of Amine K.

A pulse on the dancefloor. A beach in Boracay, a sunrise in Black Rock City or a morning booth in Berlin. Legend says the prophecy predicted this. A Moroccan warrior, riding in on a camel unicorn. Decks and a mixer.
Rhythm and a dancer.

The desert has spoken.

Amine K’s progressive sounds, direct a journey, deep and united. It’s about fueling a connection on the dance floor with a melodic story and organic rhythm.

While internationally moving bodies, Amine Akesbi doesn’t neglect his home: he’s been streamlining the new face of Morocco’s dance scene with the Moroko Loko concept since 2009. The music party brand, and driving dance force of the country has already found satellites in cities like Paris, London, Tokyo and Singapore.

Morocco’s latest cutting edge festival, ‘Oasis’, has too grabbed Amine K and dubbed him resident DJ. Next up is a series of Road to Oasis gigs, bringing your favorite electronic cities- a flavor of the desert.

Amine’s latest EPs include releases on Sol Selectas, Buddahr Bar, Bar 25, Souvenir Music, Selador, Souvenir Music, and Be Crazy. Next up is releases on Akbal Music, Prometheus and many more.

2019 gears up to be a productive year for Amine, as Marrakech will find itself having a new professional studio hub, synthesized by the seasoned hands of the musician himself. New upcoming global tours and long awaited label releases are just a symptom of the work paid off.


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