Make sure your accommodations are in one of these areas: Oyster Pond, Orient Bay, Cul de sac, Grand Case, Hope Estate, Marigot, Baie Netlé, Terres Basses, Cupecoy, Porto Copecoy, Maho, Simpson Bay, Indigo Bay.

St. Martin offers a wide variety of accommodation to please everyone from the budget savvy traveller to those who seek absolute luxury. With options such as villas, hotels and condos there is something for everyone. The earlier you book the more options you will find at the best prices, especially villas and condos. Although St. Martin is synonymous with luxury villas, you will find that the “per room” costs at many Villas and Condos are competitive with that of hotels. Many are available on your favourite booking platforms. Contact our concierge for  information about special festival rates. March is high season. Explore all your options now!